A Bookkeeping and Accounting


Bookkeeping and Accounting

Introduce accounting and compliance restrictions

The assignment of bookkeeping and registration in the Journal and the reconciliation of accounts through a third party has specialized and trained cadres helps you as an institution to train and qualify cadres and redistribute the human resources available in your company. In addition to our specialized staff to match the detailed accounts of the book to require a certain amount of research and examination in addition to accounting knowledge. The preparation and maintenance of the journal of accounting transactions and reconciliation of accounts helps to carry out the process of financial audit and systematic examination.

End of Year Financial Services and Final Accounts

You can receive assistance in closing accounts, settling final account entries, and preparing financial statements in accordance with accounting standards. Defining the items of the financial statements that require further analysis before closing the accounts for the previous year. Get help in many of the tasks of the final accounts for the fiscal year and the maintenance of accounting books in order to reduce the burden on your employees.

Preparation of financial statements

You can obtain a financial statement preparation service in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, US GAAP and other accounting standards. Accurate quarterly financial statements are obtained quarterly or annually so that these reports can be relied upon by stakeholders when making decisions.