Internal Audit


Internal Audit

Internal audit activity from an external source

Use an external source to perform internal audit activity by assigning experienced practitioners to the accounting and internal audit processes and their knowledge of the latest international standards applicable to internal audit. This will allow you to distribute and organize your employees in other positions and rationalize resources to increase revenue activity.

Internal Audit Manager

Assigning the internal audit function to an external party who has the skill and competence to manage internal audit activities and staff, and enhance the skills of your internal auditors through a third-party audit manager. The use of an internal audit manager from an external party that enhances the team's skills and experience, as well as designing and practicing internal auditing efficiently and effectively.

Consulting Services

Through our advisory services you can receive services designed to improve governance and risk management processes. Consultancy contracts can be used to enhance various aspects of decision-making and management and identify corporate strategies. The insights you need from internal auditors with experience and competence in various accounting, finance and management aspects can be obtained in order to improve your organization's operational systems.