Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax

VAT is an indirect tax, the most common type of consumption tax on goods and services.

On 1 January 2018, VAT has become an important and essential part of the UAE's business. VAT was set at 5% on goods and services. The new system has been implemented in all GCC countries at different times and rates.

Accounting services related to VAT

In addition to providing extensive accounting services for value added tax and bookkeeping, we can also advise on the timing of compulsory registration, value added tax on imports and exports, partial exemption, timing and delay of VAT services and making the most of the cancellation rules.

VAT revision

Our dedicated team of experienced practitioners will help you identify VAT risks and potential opportunities to assess business impact priorities and change processes and prioritize processes.

Value Added Tax Consultancy

We'll help you handle VAT checks and other communications with the IRS, review your business and VAT compliance transactions, advise on how VAT affects your company's legal status, and train your employees to ensure their knowledge and understanding of VAT laws and procedures.